Infrared Protection

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Infrared radiation is the "invisible workplace hazard". Long-term exposure to infrared or "IR" radiation without proper eye proteciton can cause permanent damage to your vision, including cataracts and retinal scarring.

Anywhere there is intense heat or high-intensity lighting, you need IR protection to preserve your vision.

U.S. Safety provides a range of options for a variety of applications where IR hazards exists, including steelmaking, glassblowing, cutting and brazing.

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Workplace Standards for Infrared:


Rx Safety Eyewear - IR

Forget about heavy green glass that won't pass high impact tests. U.S. Safety is one of the only providers of polycarbonate IR filter lenses for prescription safety eyewear that meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact requirements.

U.S. Safety IR prescription lenses offer the same lightweight impact protection as regular polycarbonate safety lenses, with the added benefit of protection from infrared. See also: U.S. Safety Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

 Available in IR shade 2.0, 3.0 (neutral gray) and 5.0.

Rx Safety Eyewear - IR Neutral Gray

Color recognition is critical for utility and transportation workers, or anyone that operates vehicles or machinery on the job. Neutral Gray IR polycarbonate lenses maintain color recognition while providing protection from impact and infrared radiation. U.S. Safety offers Neutral Gray IR as an exclusive benefit at no additional cost compared to standard green IR lenses.

Available in single vision and progressive, IR shade 3.0.



Infrared protection when and where you need it. The Rx capable InfraSpec™ has a flip-up IR filter lens that can be deployed in a single motion. Adjustable nosepads and comfort temples provide a secure fit.

 Available in IR shade 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0.  Learn more



Solaris_97130_sml.jpg The Solaris™ combines form, fit and function in a sleek, lightweight design. Soft nosepads and bayonet style temples maximize comfort. Polycarbonate IR filter lenses provide protection from impact and infrared radiation.

Available in IR shade 3.0.  Learn more


Citation Series™ 931

Contemporary, simple design makes the the "CS931" the economical solution for impact and infared protection, equipped with scratch-resistant polycarbonate IR filter lenses. Rubberized temples for all-day comfort.

Available in IR shade 3.0 and 5.0.  Learn more



Wrap around styling with maximum coverage at brow and sides. Lightweight nylon frame with molded-in universal bridge, adjustable temples that lock in place, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses provides 99.9% UV protection.

 Available in IR shade 3.0 and 5.0.  Learn more


Double Matrix™ Faceshield

Exclusive impact and heat-resistant polycarbonate construction makes Double Matrix the lightest-weight faceshield available today. Translucent crown for maximum range of view. Ratchet suspension for easy adjustment and secure fit.

Available with IR shade 5.0 acetate window for protection against infrared radiation.  Learn more



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