On-Site Optician

Rx Order Process

A U.S. Safety Optician visits your facility on a regularly scheduled basis.  They assist employees with their order, fit completed glasses and perform minor repairs.  The optician places your orders directly.

Download  On Site Optician Rx Ordering Process

  1. The U.S. Safety On-Site Optician makes regular visits to the Customer facility, according to the agreed-upon schedule.
  2. Optician assists the employee with frame and lens selection, based on the frame samples the optician brings in, and takes measurements for the employee’s order.
  3. Optician calculates the order total and advises the employee of any advance payment required, based on purchase limits designated by the Customer.
  4. If advance payment is required, the employee provides credit card information or a check (made out to U.S. Safety) to optician.
  5. Optician completes the order form provided by U.S. Safety and faxes or mails the order to U.S. Safety (fax if CC adv pay, mail if check adv pay).
  6. U.S. Safety receives the order and enters it into the U.S. Safety order system.
  7. U.S. Safety processes any advance payment from the employee and applies the amount as a credit to the order.
  8. U.S. Safety manufactures the prescription glasses and ships the glasses back to the U.S. Safety optician.
  9. U.S. Safety invoices the Customer, less any advance payment collected from the employee.
  10. Optician receives the completed order and notifies the employee directly that their glasses are ready for fitting.
  11. Employee returns to have the completed glasses fitted during the scheduled visit from the U.S. Safety On-Site Optician.

U.S. Safety will provide On-Site Opticians with a reasonable number of frame samples to support the Customer’s program at no charge to the Customer.

Hourly Dispensing Fees:

The U.S. Safety On-Site Optician will submit time sheets directly to U.S. Safety for the service hours performed at the Customer facility. On a bi-weekly basis, U.S. Safety will issue payment directly to the Optician for the service hours submitted. U.S. Safety will then invoice the Customer.

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